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scripted personality consistency

We end the semester with a paper on an old-school idea of personal scripts and how they relate to consistency, etc: Dmorest, Popovska, & Dabova (2012).  The role of scripts in personal consistency and individual differences.  Journal of Personality, 80, … Continue reading

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The “Gloomy Prospect”

This week’s PIG-IE reading is a nice follow up to last week’s paper with a discernable pessimistic twist.  It is: Davey-Smith, G.  (2011). Epidemiology, epigenetics, and the ‘Gloomy Prospect’: embracing randomness in population health research and practice.  International Journal of … Continue reading

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Political Orientation and the whole sheebang

This week’s reading for PIG-IE is Kandler et al (2012). Left or Right? Sources of political orientation: The roles of genetic factors, cultural transmission, assortative mating, and personality.  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 102, 633-645. Enjoy and leave … Continue reading

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Navel gazing on steroids in social and personality science

It seems a critical mass of papers, blogs, articles, and comments has hit the field of social and personality psychology in the last few months.  So much so, that I thought it would be constructive to catalogue everything that has … Continue reading

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