On orchids and heritability

This week in PIG-IE (9/10/12) we will discuss Susan South’s article 

“Marital Satisfaction and Physical Health: Evidence for an Orchid Effect”


And, as a special bonus, Susan South will be here with us!


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One Response to On orchids and heritability

  1. pigee says:

    This reading and meeting generated more questions than answers, which I’ll try to synopsize quickly.

    1. GxE interactions are really cool and everything, but why aren’t there more replications of these interactions? Are they like interactions in general–difficult to replicate?
    2. Does increased heritability translate into the Orchid Effect? This seems to fall into the old covariances and mean-level differences are not the same thing issue. Just because heritability goes up in highly satisfied couples, does that mean that they are thriving or that the correlation that exists is simply more genetic in structure? The latter does not seem to necessarily support the former.

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