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A Lay Theory of the Successful Graduate Student/Academic

Just recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education ran a piece on what it takes to be successful in an academic career.  It was a pleasant essay, which emphasized some of the usual suspects like industriousness and the like, but it felt … Continue reading

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Replicability: The good, the really good, and the ugly

The good: Our European Journal of Personality paper proposing ways to improve the replicability of research in psychology is in press.  You can find a copy here.  The EJP editor is soliciting comments and the entire package should be published … Continue reading

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It is sunny, and I’m still depressed

For this week’s PIG-IE session we have the opportunity to read a draft of a paper from Richard Lucas (MSU; and Nicole Lawless (U of Oregon) testing the relation between the weather and life satisfaction–in 1 million people. The paper … Continue reading

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