Syllabus Repository for Graduate Seminars in Personality Psychology

This page provides a compendium of syllabi for graduate courses in personality psychology from scholars across the country.  It is meant as a resource for instructors who will be teaching a graduate seminar or high level undergraduate course in personality psychology.

The syllabi that have already been provided are fascinating to read.  They represent some serious scholarship by both the instructors and for the students who take these courses.  They are also an interesting window into the personalities of the instructors themselves.

If you use this resource all we ask is that you share your syllabus too.

Professors and Syllabi:

Reeshad Dalal, George Mason University, Psych 668 Personality: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches

Colin DeYoung, University of Minnesota, PSY 5101 Personality Psychology

M. Brent Donnellan, Michigan State University, PSY 836 Personality Psychology

Sam Gosling, University of Texas, Austin, Psychology 394V/385N Graduate Seminar in Personality Theory, Research & Methods

Sarah Hodges & Sanjay Srivastava, University of Oregon, PSY 610 Social and Personality Psychology

Seth Kaplan, George Mason University, PSYC 668 Personality: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches

Robert Krueger, University of Minnesota, Psychology 8612 Clinical conceptualization and assessment of personality and psychopathology

Dan McAdams, Northwestern University, Psychology 494: Graduate Seminar on Personality Psychology

Brent Roberts, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, PSY 541 Personality and Behavioral Dynamics

Richard Robins, University of California, Davis, Psychology 247 Graduate Seminar in Personality

Suzanne Segerstrom, University of Kentucky, Psychology 622: Proseminar in Personality

Alex Shackman, University of Maryland, Psychology/NACS 612: Affective Science Perspectives on Temperament and Personality

Elliott Tucker-Drob, University of Texas at Austin, Psych 388D: Individual Differences Psychology

Simine Vazire, Washington University, St. Louis, Personality and the Self


2 Responses to Syllabus Repository for Graduate Seminars in Personality Psychology

  1. Julie Norem says:

    Way to make me feel bad about being at an undergraduate school, everybody…;)

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